Scared, Anxiety, Travel Tips

You should view the trip from your child’s eyes.

Before you head to a destination…Think about what activities your child would like doing. Consider what environments may decrease anxious responses.

Some children with autism may like to be in the city exploring museums and galleries.

Others may like nature, searching for treasures by the sea, or going on a camping adventure.

  • You should search for trips that is similar to your child’s personality.
  • It would also be good to invite him or her in the before-planning.
  • You can schedule breaks and downtime when needed.

Booking tours that will help meet your child’s engagement, attentiveness, and sensory process will help for your child to be successfully while away.

Since vacations are not the norm, children with autism can easily become over-enthused during spontaneous trips.

This can prompt anxiety attacks or breakdowns.

It is important to see the trip from your child’s eyes. This can help you to find potential triggers.

You can then place in breaks and schedule downtime as needed.