Emotions, Labeling, Communication Tips


Sometimes emotions can be tough to identify.

Making sense of what they feel and why implies you can enable them to recognize, communicate, and deal with those emotions better.

  • Tune into your child’s feelings by looking at their body physique (Listen to what they are saying and focus on their behavior).
  • Help your child identify their feelings via giving them a label.
  • Remain in the present moment and try not to make your child feelings go away.

Naming emotions is one of the the FIRST steps in helping children to classify them.

It lets your child build an emotional vocabulary so that they can discuss their feelings.

Remain present and fight the urge to make your child’s terrible feelings go away. Strengthen them to identify and communicate their feelings so that they are heard.

When emotions are suppressed or excused, it will be communicated in unhealthy ways.

Try to understand the significance and feeling underlying your child’s behavior.

You can enable your child to discover different ways to communicate that feeling once understanding what is driving the behavior.

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