Cyberbullying, Reporting, Communication Tips

Make your child to not feel alone. Help them to feel at ease.

Cyberbullying is using technology to embarrass, scare, intimidate, or attack a person.

If your child is being cyberbullied, you should:

  • Give them your full attention and care.
  • Help your child to not feel alone during the process.
  • Let your child know that it is not his or her fault.
  • Discuss that you are planning to report it.

You should explain that this is an issue with the bully and not the victim.

You can speak with your child about cyberbullying situations you may have faced growing up.

Explain that many people are victims of cyberbullying at some point in life. Let him or her know that both of you will go about the situation together.

Tell them you will report it to someone at the school – a principal, guidance counselor, or teacher. Make sure both you and your child feel at ease. Schools have different ways of how they go about handling cyberbullying. 

Praise your child for doing the right thing and for discussing the situation with you. 

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