Curiosity, Exploration, Preschool Development

Toys that have different ways it can be played brings creativity.

To increase a sense of curiosity and exploration in your child, plan destinations to locations such as the public library, a gallery, or small-town business.

Providing hands-on experience during these outings helps aid his or her senses.

You should bring paper, utensils for writing, a photo-capturing device, and voice recorder to note down any questions that may spring up.

For children who are at a younger age, games such as building blocks, rolling balls, and Peek-a-Boo can be played. 

As they continue to develop, you should play games such as board games, memory development games, puzzles, and Hide-and-Seek.

Toys that offer multiple ways that it can be played stimulates creativity in your child.

Toys that can only be used in one way limits imagination and room for strategy-solving.

Toys that helps with creativity includes play-dough, cardboard boxes, paper, writing utensils, blocks building, instruments, cars and railroad-tracks, and paints.