ABA Therapy, Process, Routines

Parents play a key role to their child’s progress.

Parents are important to their child’s progress.

They play a key role.

It has been shown that children whose parents are actively involved in the process gain a lot more. It is because no one knows the child better than the parents.

Parents’ give feedback that will help guide the ABA process. They can also continue to prompt and reinforce the child through daily activities. This is important for building skills.

Parents have the ability to take down data and also track data in both home and public setting.

This helps to understand what is working and what needs to be changed.

Being active your child’s ABA therapy does not mean that parents need to watch all sessions or try to run them at home.

Since children are with therapists during a small period of the day, the more they practice ABA therapy skills, the more they continue to learn and parents will soon be able to spot progress.