Parent/Teacher Talks, Conferences, Tips

Tell the teacher which methods work best.

It is important for parents to work closely with their child’s teacher.

For children who has autism, ADHD, or other behavioral difficulties, parents should schedule an appointment early in the school semester.

You can explain to the teacher what methods works best with your child and explain his or her autism diagnosis.

This will help the teacher to engage with your child successfully in the classroom.

If you are bringing you’re a child to a behavior therapist, you should ask the therapist about important topics to have with his or her teacher.

Before you meet with your child’s teacher, speak with your child about school. Ask your child does he or she have trouble in class, or with peers.

Create a note of what you ask and your child’s worries.

Put the most important issues at the top to discuss it with the teacher. At the first meeting, the teacher may not be able to discuss each topic.

Even though many teachers may have experience in working with children with autism, it is important to talk about your child’s individuals needs for his or her autism.

Autism is different for everyone.

Speak with the teacher about challenges your child faces and how to go about solving it well.

If you have Individualized Education Program (IEP) for your child, your teacher should be up-to-date with any changes that may be needed for the classroom.

Since IEPs are usually long, parents tend to put a “note sheet” at the top that lets the teacher know of any big concerns.