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What do we do now?

We want to continue supporting your family, even though we are unable to offer ABA therapy at this time. Below you will find answers to the most common questions that may have come up for you and resources that are helpful:

The intake coordinator was not able to reach the parent or guardian in order to verify eligibility. The contact information for their family may be outdated, out of service, or just difficult to get ahold of by phone. Parents or guardians who are still interested in receiving therapy services from us may provide our intake coordinator with current contact information so that we can continue working with your child’s needs!
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Your child’s health insurance provider has determined them ineligible for coverage due to reasons beyond our control. Common causes of ineligibility include incomplete information or incorrect documentation from the evaluating medical professional, such as their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Health insurers are not always able to cover everyone who requires services because they have limitations on what a company can offer when it comes down to risk management and financial stability. When this happens, there may be instances where an insurer won’t cover those deemed “likely-eligible” based off certain criteria which could range between lack of supportive documents regarding a diagnosis like clinical notes, inconsistent paperwork submitted by family members about caregiving roles among various other factors.

This doesn’t mean that ABA therapy is not an option for your family. Our intake coordinator will continue to fight for the services your child needs despite the red tape in place by big insurance companies. In the meantime, we encourage parents to reach out to discuss private pay options, or to enroll their child in programs offered by our non profit center for children with learning disabilities. 
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Due to restrictions in place by most insurance companies, we can only accept a certain number of clients from each health plan. If we have exceeded the number of clients that our center is capable of servicing at any given time, your child will be automatically placed on a waiting list where their parents may be contacted if and when an opening becomes available.

If you would like your child removed from our waiting list, please contact us by phone or send an email to intake@newwaydayservices.org
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We understand that families have different needs for their children–that’s why we strive every day to find a personalized solution based on each family’s unique situation. If after looking through all of our programs and resources, you still think this is not the best fit for yourself or your child(ren), then please let us know-why?

We hope we were able to provide some guidance and support in your decision-making process; if so, please contact us with any feedback or concerns you have. Your opinions help us to refine how to meet the needs of many families in our local community.
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