Behavioral Parent Training for Autism at New Day Services in Miami Fl

Behavior Support Consultation/Parent Training

Parent training is encouraged along with ABA therapy for your child. Behavioral parent training programs are effective and have been around for a long time.

Parents will need support in order to develop consistent behavioral parenting skills. This includes:

  • Making house rules and creating structure in consistent practices
  • Using daily point systems to reward behaviors and actions
  • Making use of proper commands
  • Using “if…then” contingencies to remove rewards due to bad behaviors
  • Praising good behaviors (actively praising good behaviors at least 5 times a day, more often than criticizing bad behaviors)
  • Ignoring minor improper behaviors (selecting the right battles)
  • Giving time outs from positive activities (using time out as a lesson to derail inappropriate behavior)
  • Using a system to reward positive behaviors from school and tracking down homework
  • Arranging to plan before time to work with children in public settings

Parent Education

Parent training requires that parents follow instructions from articles, videos, or books on how to use behavioral procedures with their child.

Usually, the first training begins with an overview of the child’s diagnosis, causes, and nature. Parents will practice at home what they have learned during the meetings.

Afterwards, the following week would be to discuss about the child’s progress, solve any conflicts, and learn a new topic.

Parents can engage in behavioral family therapy, where they can train as groups of families or individual families.

As a parent, you should strive to inform yourself about ways to manage functional challenges.

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