RBT Supervison, Conferences, Tips

ABA Supervision requires 2 face-to-face meetings per month.

An RBT is a technician who carries out services under supervision of an RBT Supervisor.

The Supervisor is in charge for the work completed by the RBT. The purpose is to help to carry out professional services to clients.

Supervision requires 2 face-to-face meetings per month.

They must see the RBT providing services in one of their monthly meetings with a client. It is better to have in-person onsite observation.

However, it can be done through video-call.

Even though only one observation is needed, the BACB encourages face-to-face observation of an RBT services as much as possible.

One of the two sessions with the supervisor must be individual — RBT and supervisor.

The other can happen in small group sessions.

Small group sessions are meetings of about two-to-ten RBTs who shares their experiences.

If non-Registered Behavior Technicians are in the meeting, participation should be limited so that the RBTs can interact with on another.